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Our Air-Blast sprayers share many of the rugged design features of the Accutech and are built to the same high standard. They feature the 3-point constant velocity turning hitch that stops “bearing end thrust.”  Our Air-Blast features patented 3-zone airflow, for better, more consistent coverage of your application. 

They come in three tank sizes, The Cyclone: 300 gallon,  The Hurricane: 400 gallon, and the Typhoon: 600 galloon. Our Air-Blast sprayers feature a high speed fan with two speeds, a heavy duty three piston 40 GPM pump and sixteen roll over ceramic nozzles. Their overall dimensions vary depending on which model you are looking at, but they range in size from the Cyclone and Hurricane's 55" high, 175" long and 62" wide to the Typhoon's 68" high, 175" long and 72" wide.

Electric controls come standard, a rate controller is optional. 



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Blueline Typhoon Fan Sprayer 600 Gallons

SKU: 012349

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