PLR200 200-gal Pultank Sprayer 

200 Gallon Round Stainless Steel Tank
Ace GE-660-KS Centrifugal Pump
5 HP GX160 Honda Engine
Tandem Walking Beam Axle Multi Trac
Adjustable height clevis hitch, Screw jack installed
Full Length Sparge Tube Agitation W/ Jet Boosters

Sight gauge with cutoff valve at front end of tank
Stainless steel suction pipe to sump to encourage
positive suction at low tank levels High capacity suction strainer and pressure regulating valve
2 ½" liquid filled pressure gauge
Volumetric sight gauge at front of tank. Cutoff valve
at bottom of sight tube; 2" Quick Fill Port; MEDIUM DUTY Hooded Coil Shock Boom
Front hoods telescope to accommodate 19'-23' or 20'-24' row spacing

(specify row spacing with order)
Wings mounted on front of sprayer, center section in rear
Low Drift Air Induction Nozzles

Pressure filter on all 3 sections of boom
Hoods on all 3 boom sections; Pressure Filters for (3) Boom Sections
Brass double swivel nozzle body at end of wing with off center exit
orifice in one port of double swivel Manual Ball Valve Controls  L, R, C, Master  On/Off

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Rears Pultank Sprayer

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