Rears Power Blast Sprayer


PB638 Rears 600 gallon power blast w/ 38" fan,
304 stainless steel tank; All stainless steel deep lid basket.
Through tank stainless steel mechanical agitator shaft.

Grease fittings relubrication of bearings, adjustable packing seals.
Remote grease fittings for ease of maintenance.
2" male pipe thread fitting at rh front of tank to accommodate quick fill.

Valve and cam lock not included, but available uponrequest.

Alternate locations for quick fill alsoavailable upon request.

Tapered sump in tank for positive suction at low tank levels handles on side of tank to aid in filling Double roll over nozzles with diaphragm check valves.

All ceramic discs and cores; Heavy Duty Fan Screen.

Belly pan underneath tank to protect tank & sump 304 stainless steel blower housing design, air
straightening vane assembly installed between fan and discharge slot.
304 stainless sheet metal hood and side panels

Unpainted Tank and Blower Housing and Hood Panels

2 step pulley on pump to allow pump pressure to be
Maintained at lower pto rpm. 150 / 250 psi max
Micro-v pump belt drive with auto tensioner to match
belt tension to load requirement (less belt pull load on pump).
Stainless steel spray manifolds
Hd tube frame construction: epoxy and enamel coated
Rears new generation cv hitch: cat.2 trunion with replaceable, stronger hitch pins.
Ar500 wear surfaces on f & r of trunion assembly. 1-1/2 pivot bushings (were 1-1/4"). New 1.75"diameter etd150 rc35 centerlink and output shafts (were 1.5" 1045 shafts).

Setscrew lock on all cv hitch bearings (used to be no lock on center link shaft bearings).

Grease zerk fittings for relubrication on all cv hitch bearings. 24" center distance on bushings for increased bearing life. 1/2" gear plate thickness (was 3/8") to discourage unequal u-joint angle resulting from backlash in gear teeth from wear. Entire hitch more accurately made: precision pivot above u-joint cross center prevents axial movement of shafts, thrust loads on bearings &
drive train. 55-series weasler® drive train components: tractor pto driveline, cv hitch and through-tank driveline: 100 hp rating @ 540rpm.


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Rears Power Blast 600 Gallon Sprayer

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