The Perfect Flail Mower BK2-105 is an extra low profile shredder perfect for orchards and vineyards. It houses powerful shredders for prunings up to 3.2". Larger amounts of prunings are easily chopped up and discharged thanks to a powerful drive with automatic V-belt tensioner. The shred material is thrown and spread over the rear roller. The roller bearings requires quick and easy maintenance, and the covers limit the penetration of dirt and moisture increasing the lifespan of the roller bearings. 



- Cutting width: 3'4"

- PTO speed: 540 rpm

- Flail rotor speed: 2100 rpm

- Min. power req. at 540 rpm:

  • Grass cutting: 25hp
  • Brush chopping: 30hp

- Total width: 4'2"

- Height belt cover: 1'7"

- Tractor 3-pt. linkage (cat.): 1 + 11

- Max. offset from tractor center: 2'6"

- Weight: 1102 lb

- NO. of rake tines: 8


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Perfect Flail Mower BK2-105

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