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Muratori rotary tillers are suitable for both primary tillage (i.e. on compact soil) and secondary tillage (i.e. on previously worked soil with plow, harrow etc.).


46" MZ4 115   $3,178.00

54" MZ4 135   $3,550.00

58" MZ6 145   $3,944.00

65" MZ6 165   $4,118.00

72" MZ10 180 $6,403.00

82" MZ10 205 $6,829.00

87" MZ10 220 $7,210.00




The Muratori rotary tillers for agricultural tractors equipped with a three-point hitch and power take-off are the ideal machine for working on any type of soil. The main working part of the rotary tillers (also called rotary hoes) is a horizontal rotor shaft on which steel hoes (blades) are fixed which, rotating in the forward direction of the tractor, crush and chop the soil. A rear hood contains and levels the worked soil, the working depth can be adjusted by side skids or by various types of rear rollers. 

Various blades options on the rotor are available based on the type of soil and the degree of crushing desired.

The range includes numerous models for tractors from 12HP up to 120 HP, available in fixed, mechanical side shifting, hydraulic side shifting versions, with or without multi speed gearbox with side chain or gear drive.

Suitable for the most varied uses such as in parks, gardens, vegetable gardens, orchards, vineyards as well as open fields, Muratori tillers are therefore the ideal machine whatever the crop to be processed or the work to be made.

Muratori Tillers

SKU: 007282

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