This Gearmore SFG flail mower features a fixed center mount, and has a manual or hydraulic side shift. It allows for two styles of blades- hammer knives, and the double Y blades. Both of these blades are interchangeable on the same shredders. The SFG140 can be aided when working in tight areas due to its low profile design. 


Popular to use in:

- Vineyards

- Berries

- Roadsides

- Weed Abatement

- Rental Yards



- Cat. 1 ASAE quick hitch, 540 RPM tractors

- 70 HP gearbox w/ built-in overrunning clutch

- Cutting height adjusts from 1" to 4" above ground

- Rotor speed- 2200 RPM

- Two rows of heat treated re-cutter blades

- Rear hatch adjusts for various types of mowing

- Rear hatch slotted for rake teeth

- Balanced 5 1/2" rotor tubing

- 5 1/2" diameter rear roller adjusts vertically and horizontally

- 4 belt final drive with automatic spring tension idler to provide maximum power to the rotor

- Front mounted safety chain, rear rubber deflector



Working Width: 55"

Overall Width: 61"

No. of Hammers: 10

No. of Y Blades: 40

H.P. Req.: 30

Rake Slots: 9

Weight: 770 lbs


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Gearmore Flail Mower SFG140Y

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