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New Holland Maintenance Solutions - Buyers Guide for Proven Tractors and Equipment

Buyers Guide for Proven Tractors and Equipment for Maintenance Solutions

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The New Holland buyer’s guide

Stay ahead of tomorrow’s demands with dependable New Holland equipment that keeps crews on the move, on schedule and on budget. You can count on signature New Holland features to streamline your operations and decrease your cost of ownership.

Versatility that reduces overhead

New Holland tractors and equipment earn their way every day by handling multiple jobs through the seasons. Whether your crews need to dig a foundation, open a trench, mow a right-of-way or blast through snow drifts, New Holland has you covered with dozens of attachments and equipment that’s designed for versatility.

Built-in efficiency for lower operating costs

New Holland’s Tier 4B engine solutions not only reduce emissions, they also reduce fuel and fluid consumption to cut your operating budget line costs.

Unmatched visibility and ease

Expansive visibility is a New Holland hallmark and a feature that’s vital to operating safety and efficiency. Unobstructed views allow your crews to operate with more confidence and less effort. Lighting packages are among the best in the industry for productive operation in all hours of the day. Add to this comfortable, uncluttered cabs and operating platforms, and naturally positioned controls, and you get fatigue-free operators who remain alert and productive for long hours.

Maximum uptime

New Holland makes servicing quick and easy, and continues to lead the industry with longer service intervals. Reducing maintenance downtime helps ensure equipment stays in top shape and ready for work.

A commitment from New Holland

Place your confidence in New Holland tractors and equipment and you get the support of the company and all of its dealers. New Holland dealers provide you with expert, factory-trained service, genuine New Holland parts as well as financing and insurance solutions for your convenience.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Boomer™ Series Tractors 4-5 WORKMASTER™ Series Tractors 6-7 T4 Series/PowerStar™ Tractors 8-9 T5 Series Tractors 10-11 TS6 Series Tractors 12-13 T6 Series Tractors 14-15 T7 Series Tractors 16-17 GENESIS™ T8 and T9 Series Tractors 18-19 AG loaders, implements/attachments 20-21 Skid Steer Loaders 22-23 Compact Track Loaders 24-25 Loader Backhoes 26-27 Compact Excavators 28-29 Compact Wheel Loaders 30-31 Tractor Loader 32-33 CE attachments 34-35

Ease and efficiency that improve your bottom line. Boomer™ tractors are the ultimate work assistant. They match up to a wide range of attachments that let you quickly handle a multitude of jobs. Reliability, comfort, easy operation and simple maintenance are what set Boomer tractors apart.

Boomer™ operating ease Whether you choose a Boomer tractor with a cab or ROPS platform, the natural, intuitive controls allow operators to get jobs done more efficiently without fatigue. Choose a Synchronized Shuttle Shift (SSS) transmission or a clutch-free hydrostatic transmission that offers simple two-pedal operation for forward and reverse, plus the convenience of cruise control. Clear visibility and a clutter-free operating area The distinctive New Holland sloped hood gives you an unobstructed view. Roomy, open platforms allow for easy entry and exit, and thoughtfully placed pedals and controls are easy to use but not in the way. A lighting package that illuminates your work area, makes you more productive and safe when operating in the early or late hours of the day.

Fast, simple maintenance

There’s no need to lift the hood to fuel up or check engine oil, and when you do want to lift the hood, it opens easily in one piece without cumbersome panels or grills to move — and no need to remove the loader if you have one.

Peace of mind comes standard with a Boomer™ tractor. All Boomer models are backed by FREE Boomer Guard6 Limited Warranty. It provides 6 years of worry-free operation, including 2 years of “bumper-to­bumper” coverage plus an extra 4 years of powertrain protection. Work effectively in any weather New Holland offers a premium factory-installed cab on Boomer 40/45/50/55 and offers premium features and complete climate control to improve productivity year-round. Powerful, clean and fuel-efficient. Responsive fuel-efficient engines meet strict Tier 4B Final emissions standards to reduce your carbon footprint — and they do it automatically — unlike other tractors that require you to stop working or need your input.

Tough on work. Easy on the wallet.

Master your heavy workloads with WORKMASTER™ Series tractors. They combine top performance with top value. They’re rugged, reliable and affordable. Strong construction

You can expect years of dependable, trouble-free performance from WORKMASTER tractors. Their big-tractor backbone and heavy castings for the engine, transmission and rear axles allow them to handle heavy-duty jobs day in and day out. Compact models are powered by three-cylinder engines that deliver gutsy, fuel-efficient power. The 50- to 70-horsepower WORKMASTER utility tractors offer higher-capacity hydraulics and have the power to handle larger implements and master even bigger workloads. WORKMASTER tractors meet stringent Tier 4B Final emissions requirements using a system that’s completely automatic and does not require you to add fluids or stop operations like some other tractors.

Simple, easy-to-use transmissions WORKMASTER™ utility tractors feature a convenient 8x8 synchronized shuttle shift transmission with the shuttle lever located directly under the left side of the steering wheel so your right hand is free to operate a loader or implement. For WORKMASTER compact tractors, choose the 12x12 Synchronized Shuttle Shift (SSS) transmission or the two-pedal, three-range hydrostatic transmission for infinitely variable speed and even easier operation.

years of powertrain protection.

The daily driver that’s far from routine.

New Holland has built in an exceptional level of comfort, power and efficiency into PowerStar™ and T4 Series tractors. They are the ultimate utility tractors. Rugged and reliable power

Advanced common-rail fuel-injection engines with four valves per cylinder deliver more power and torque to easily handle all your daily chores, while reducing your fuel bills and emissions. PowerStar™ tractors employ Particulate Matter Catalyst (PM CAT) to meet Tier 4B emissions standards, while T4 Series engines feature New Holland’s ECOBlue™ Compact HI-eSCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) with light Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) after-treatment system. New Holland’s industry-leading 600- hour service intervals reduce maintenance demands.

Transmissions tailored to your needs

New Holland offers a wide selection of transmissions, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your needs. Forward/reverse shuttling is smooth, simple and convenient no matter which transmission you choose.

8 x 8 transmission with mechanical shuttle 12 x 12 transmission with mechanical shuttle 8 x 8 transmission with power shuttle 12 x 12 transmission with power shuttle

12 x 12 power shuttle transmission with creeper 20 x 20 power shuttle transmission with creeper 12 x 12 transmission with mechanical shuttle 24 x 24 Dual Command™ transmission 12 x 12 transmission with power shuttle 40 x 40 Dual Command™ transmission with creeper 20 x 20 power shuttle transmission with creeper VisionView™ cab or roomy flat-deck ROPS platform The ultra-quiet VisionView™ cab is designed to provide unprecedented visibility, spaciousness, operating simplicity and comfort. The ergonomic Command Arc console places the most commonly used controls in one convenient right-side location. A sophisticated 10-vent cooling/heating system guarantees head-to­toe comfort in any season. Comfort and intelligent control placement are also part of the design of the spacious open ROPS platform (available on all models except the PowerStar™ T4.65).

Perfect fit. Perfect feel. Perfect speed.

T5 Series tractors are the perfect fit for the many jobs conducted by municipalities and road crews. These deluxe, hard-working tractors are a blend of everything you want—the power to handle your toughest jobs, easy shifting, built-in comfort, and maneuverability that makes it ready for any job.

The power you need

New 16-valve engines run clean and respond fast with more power and torque rise than previous T5 models, and that makes every job easier. The engines meet Tier 4B compliance thanks to ECOBlue™ Compact HI-eSCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system with light CEGR (Cooled Exhaust Recirculation). This solution requires no diesel particulate filter (DPF) and no stops in operation that some other systems require. Ultimate ride smoothness

T5 Series tractors are now available with New Holland’s well-known Terraglide™ suspended front axle. It not only protects the tractor and operator from shock loads, it improves traction on rough terrain. Pair the Terraglide axle with the T5 Comfort Ride cab suspension and you’ve discovered the key to the smoothest ride ever. Work in tight spaces

These tractors are compact, maneuverable and nimble to work in tight spaces when needed. Ideal speeds

The 16 x 16 Electro Command™ semi powershift transmission provides eight push-button powershifts without making a range change. The AutoShift option helps manage shifting automatically both in the field and on the road.

Superior comfort and visibility

The deluxe VisionView™ cab is the perfect on-the-job office. Panoramic visibility is provided by the expansive arched front windshield, the curved side window, and high-visibility roof panel. The convenient Command Arc console prioritizes controls that are used most frequently. Controls are positioned within the arc of the operator’s arm/hand movement. The deluxe air ride seat and full-size instructor seat add to the comfort of this cab.

A common-sense price tag. Uncommon power and comfort. TS6 Series tractors are the new face of standard tractors. Anything but basic TS6 tractors are all-purpose, but anything but basic. They’re big on power and efficiency, loaded with comfort and ready to handle your toughest tasks. The fact that they are affordable is an added bonus.

Best-in-class VisionView™ cab The sleek, all-weather VisionView™ cab features an ergonomic design, comfort and excellent visibility. The optional high-visibility roof panel expands your view even higher, allowing you to view a raised loader bucket. The dual-fan cooling and heating systems with 10 vents keeps operators comfortable and productive in any season.

Uncluttered flat-deck platform If you prefer tractors without a cab, the comfortable New Holland open-station platform with ROPS puts operators at ease. The true flat deck provides plenty of legroom since pedals are suspended and there’s no floor hump in the way. A leap in performance and efficiency

Tier 4B engines provide more horsepower and torque than previous models while reducing emissions and fuel use. The electronically controlled common-rail fuel system with four valves per cylinder generates more torque, more quickly and holds it longer. You get a selection of reliable transmissions, including the choice of mechanical or power shuttle and a 25-mph road speed (4WD only) for faster travel between jobs. Order your TS6 tractor with the complete factory-installed loader-ready option, and your TS6 will have everything needed for a matching New Holland front loader.

Powerful productivity tailored for you.

New Holland combined uncompromised power and the most advanced technology to create T6 Series all-purpose, heavy-duty tractors. They give you unmatched comfort, visibility and maneuverability with higher power and performance that you can feel. 3-POINT HITCH LIFT MAXMODEL GROSS HP PTO HP


T6.145 145 116 95 Standard, TerraGlide™ or SuperSteer™ 8,338/9,214 or 11,650 Horizon™ Cab T6.155 155 125 105 Standard, TerraGlide™ or SuperSteer™ 8,338/9,214 or 11,650 Horizon™ Cab T6.165 169 135 110 Standard, TerraGlide™ or SuperSteer™ 8,338/9,214 or 11,650 Horizon™ Cab T6.175 175 145 120 Standard, TerraGlide™ or SuperSteer™ 8,338/9,214 or 11,650 Horizon™ Cab T6.180 175 145 125 Standard, TerraGlide™ or SuperSteer™ 8,338/9,214 or 11,650 Horizon™ Cab

Operating comfort

A long hard day doesn’t have to feel like one. New Holland designed the Horizon™ cab for day-long comfort and productivity, with a sound level as low as 69-decibels, premium seat options and the smooth Comfort Ride™ cab suspension option.

8 to 16 LEDs to light the way T6 tractors provide superb visibility in the day, and 8 to 16 LED lights continue that visibility at night or in low light conditions. A significant performance advantage ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR engine technology not only provides Tier 4B emissions compliance, the system maintains total fluid efficiency (fuel and AdBlue DEF) compared to previous Tier 4A engines. The enormous 42% torque rise and Engine Power Management provide you with up to an additional 34 horsepower to maintain productivity in even the most demanding conditions.

Available 2WD option Now you can take advantage of the comfort and deluxe features of premium T6 tractors without the expense of 4WD. With 2WD, you maneuver easily in tight quarters and make quick turns while mowing.

Equipped to match your needs Productivity comes standard thanks to a choice of five models with an endless list of options including a front hitch and PTO, as well as a front loader. You no longer need to choose. You can have both! Choose the matching loader model, attach it and go. You also get a choice of axles—the standard front axle, the smooth-riding Terraglide™ suspended front axle or the tight-turning SuperSteer™ front linkage. Transmission choices include one of four versions of the Electro Command™ semi-power shift transmission, or the state-of-the-art Auto Command™ CVT with speeds ranging from .01 mph (.02 kph) to 31 mph (50 kph).

Big job versatility and power.

T7 Series tractors are the most versatile tractors on the market, expertly handling heavy hauling, transport and utility chores, large-scale mowing jobs, or the rigors of fieldwork and testing on large university farms. Clean, responsive power

Nine models range from 140 to 300 engine horsepower with award-winning ECOBlue™ Hi-eSCR engine technology for Tier 4B emissions compliance. These engines feature long service intervals, excellent fuel economy and unmatched torque and response. Choices add flexibility

An exceptional power-to-weight ratio gives T7 tractors exceptional versatility. A choice of transmissions and front axles allows you to equip tractors to your precise needs. Choose the seamless speeds provided by the innovative Auto Command™ continuously variable transmission (CVT) or the push-button simplicity of the Power Command™ full powershift transmission. Choose the standard FWD axle, the smooth-riding Terraglide™ suspended FWD axle or the short-turning SuperSteer™ FWD axle. Add the fully integrated front three-point hitch

The ultimate in comfort and visibility

T7 tractors keep operators comfortable so they work at their best. The Horizon™ cab offers extremely quiet operation and exceptional visibility even after dark with the high-intensity 360-degree LED work light packages. The Auto Comfort™ ventilated seat, together with standard Comfort Ride™ suspension and the heavy-duty suspended front axle, provide an exceptionally smooth and cushioned ride. The SideWinder™ II armrest and CommandGrip™ controller make operation simple, intuitive and ergonomic.

Maximum power and comfort with lower costs. T9 Series 4WD tractors and GENESIS® T8 Series tractors from New Holland package more power and cutting-edge technology into tractors that save you fuel and boost your productivity. The quietest, smoothest, most spacious cabs in the business GENESIS® T8 and T9 Series tractors are the ultimate place to work. These roomy, comfortable cabs feature the award-winning SideWinder™ II armrest controls that make operation intuitive and natural. More power when you need it

With Engine Power Management (EPM), T9 and GENESIS T8 tractors develop more torque and power as they are put under load, giving you more power exactly when you need it. These engines use ECOBlue™ Hi-eSCR engine technology that not only reduces emissions, but decreases your fuel use and operating costs as well. You also get massive hydraulic flow—from 44 gpm to 75 gpm on GENESIS T8 tractors, and from 40 to 113 gpm on T9 tractors. GENESIS® T8: More power and productivity There’s no need to compromise. GENESIS T8 Series tractors handle the most demanding tasks with ease—from heavy snow removal and trail grooming to large land-clearing and mowing operations.

SmartTrax™ rear track option The SmartTrax option available on the three largest GENESIS T8 models gives you the best of all worlds with tight turning from the front wheels, and ultimate traction with reduced compaction from the rear tracks. Stability, traction and agility

It also means more traction for demanding heavy drawbar applications. TerraLock™ traction manages FWD automatically, including disengaging FWD for sharper turning. Maneuverability is part of the package too due to an impressive 55° turning angle.

T9 Series 4WD: the power of up to 682 horses

Enormous engine power, huge hydraulic capacity, and rugged construction are integral to T9 tractor design. These tractors handle the most extreme loads and conditions—like non-stop land leveling projects, airport snow removal, heavy landfill scraping and more.

SmartTrax™ II option Choose the new SmartTrax™ II option on New Holland wide-frame 4WD tractors—the T9.600, T9.645 and T9.700—and you get 36-inch-wide tracks and a total footprint of 11,200 square inches. This gives you increased traction, increased flotation and reduced compaction which leads to increased soil fertility. You also get the superior comfort of a smoother ride since long tracks help to bridge rough terrain.

Custom-engineered implements and attachments. Your New Holland dealer offers a wide selection of high-productivity attachments to fit your New Holland tractor. You can get what you need to grade, level, backfill, mow, dig, trench and more. Loaders that are the perfect fit

Add a front loader to quickly move dirt, gravel, sand, mulch or snow. New Holland front loaders are engineered to be the perfect fit for New Holland tractors. A common design element is an excellent sight-line to buckets and attachments. You can add and remove attachments and the loader itself quickly to move seamlessly between jobs.

The right tractor tools for the job

A tractor is more than an engine on wheels. With the right implements, you can accomplish huge tasks. Consider some possibilities: • Rotary cutters, heavy-duty, mid-duty, value, and pull-type

• Mid-mount finish mowers

• Rear-mount finish mowers

• Landscape rakes

• Front blades

• Rear blades, medium- and heavy-duty

• Rotary tillers

• Rotary brooms

• Box blades

• Utility backhoes

• Front-mount snow blowers

• Rear snow blowers

• Front-mount rotary brooms

See how much better a skid steer can be. New Holland skid steer loaders give you working efficiency that pays. Their superior visibility, impressive loading performance and smooth stability pay off with faster travel speeds and better overall productivity. They are your go-to tool for digging, loading, grading and more. Outstanding breakout forces and dump height

New Holland skid steer loaders provide you with some of the best breakout forces and dump heights in the industry. The patented Super Boom® lift linkage delivers maximum reach at full height for precise load placement.

The advantage of unmatched visibility New Holland skid steer loaders provide better visibility—an important advantage that allows operators to work more confidently and quickly. The view is better in every direction: • A lower door threshold allows for better sight-lines to the bucket cutting edge and to the trench.

• The see-through area on the cab roof provides a clear view to the bucket at full height.

• Rear visibility is among the best in the industry due to a large rear window, low engine hood and no rear frame towers.