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It’s been a steady climb for Oxbo International since their corn, bean, and pea harvesters brought them fame in the 1950s and 60s.

Today Oxbo is the worldwide leader in specialty harvesters and niche ag equipment.

Driven by their values of pioneering technology, passion, and superior customer service, Oxbo designs and manufactures solutions for the problems plaguing farmers and harvesters.

Their business approach is simple: always work with integrity, focus on innovation, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Let’s talk about why these strong values make a world of difference for farmers and harvesters today.


While most manufacturing and production jobs are being outsourced to Asia and Central and South America, Oxbo equipment is made right here in the United States.

Oxbo International has three American manufacturing facilities; one in Byron, New York; another in Clear Lake, Wisconsin, and a third in Lynden, Washington.

Here they develop, design, and produce all their harvesters and mergers using “integrated agility” and lean manufacturing principles to keep costs down for their consumers. Every facility follows the same strategy of operational consistency to deliver top-quality products and services.

Oxbo employees are proud to make American machines for American land caretakers.

If you’re a niche farmer, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for with Oxbo’s assortment of equipment designed specifically for:

  • Application

  • Citrus

  • Berries

  • Coffee

  • Commercial corn

  • Fresh market vegetables

  • Peppers

  • Potatoes

  • Spinach

  • Stevia

  • Jatropha

  • Forage

  • Olives

  • Grapes and vineyards

By honing in on these niche crops, Oxbo engineers precise equipment specifically made to solve the unique problems facing these growers.


As Oxbo says, “Our company is large enough to drive innovation and small enough to build relationships.”

Oxbo became the leader in niche market agricultural equipment by partnering with their customers to improve the development and functionality of their products.

Working side-by-side with operators, Oxbo designers and engineers are committed to increasing your efficiency with technologically-advanced equipment. This growth in productivity and harvested product quality means you’ll ultimately become more profitable.


Since Oxbo’s top priority is providing immediate local product and customer support, you can count on their service to be responsive and dependable.

The Oxbo support team understands that your equipment needs to be performing at full capacity year-round and around the clock during peak seasons. Their urgent, expert service ranges from solving emergency problems to developing preventative maintenance plans that ensure you’re getting the most out of your machine (and investment).

It’s no wonder we love Oxbo here at Garton Tractor:

These American-made machines offer niche farmers the tools they need to be more productive and profitable. Their innovative equipment is made of high-quality materials and backed by a trusted network of customer support.

Check out this video highlighting Oxbo International’s roots and where they see their future in the agribusiness world:

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